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The Corner Jug Store™
The Corner Jug Store is a place for Jug Band afficionados to set a spell, put those tired feet up, and just rest your weary bones.
The real profit to be made here is that of sharing good times with old buddies and of making new friends. Of course there's things for sale, but let's first show eachother how to make our own or just how to get by.   Why buy you something you don't really need?

So feel free to browse the collection of Jug Band related items and make a contribution of your own... just by visiting is enough... or you might want to share some tips and tales.

Note: All proceeds go directly to the Jug Band Music Society
Link to the Jug Band Music Society
for the preservation and advancement of jug band music.

Link to Jug Band Music Recordings Jug Band Music Recordings (“Sounds So Sweet”)
Classic Recordings on CD: Most Requested
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Jug Band Music Instruments Jug Band Instruments (For Everyone!)
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Link to Jug Band Music DVDs Jug Band DVDs (“Certainly A Treat”)
Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas   [Quicktime Movie Outtakes! 15MB]
Times Ain't Like They Used To Be

Still cooking on the back burner: The Jug Band CookBookTM
1. How to Build and Play the Washtub Bass
2. Preparing and Playing the Jug (you too can sound like THIS)
3. Playing the Washboard (without breaking your nails)
4. Playing the Jaw Harp (without breaking your teeth)
  ... and more to come!

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